Blogs I Follow

Refining Alex
Growing in Grace for a Type-A Change Hater

Mrs. Moore's Musings
Wife, Mom, Teacher, Optimist

Katie Davis
Author of "Kisses from Katie"
Founded Amazima, a non-profit organization based out of Uganda

Peyton the Town Red
Life as told by a mature, fun-loving, intelligent young lady who happens to be one of my students 

The Pioneer Woman Cooks
I just really love her recipes. I have yet to try one that wasn't awesome.

Euna Mae's
Amy Hannon is the mom of 2 of my students, a friend of my mom, and a local celebrity. She own's a kitchen store, hosts a cooking show, and I've never made a single recipe of hers that wasn't absolutely delicious.


  1. So glad to know their is and are many great High School teachers. Prayers to the God of heaven for you and your ministry there.
    I looked at your list of podcasts and wondered if you have seen Denis Prager's University. It is 5 minutes of information about myriad of topics from business, family,history and politics. They are delivered from experts in their fields. Also, Albert Moehler, and the Bible Project.

    1. Godbless you and all your work and all you a blessing and a gift from God.ijna!§©