Monday, October 31, 2016


I'm excited today because for the first time EVER our principal is allowing us to dress up in costumes for Halloween. A couple of my Student Council kids cornered him at a football game and pled their case. There were some caveats (no face paint or masks and everything had to follow dress code), but we got to dress up.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I decided to share some pictures from this Halloween and Halloween's past. Enjoy!
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Halloween last year (2015) we were Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.

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Halloween 2 years ago (2014) We were Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm.

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This year (2016) we were a villain and a damsel in distress. Yes...that's fake TNT strapped to my waist. It's all in the details people.

I love getting the opportunity to dress up. Halloween and Spirit Week are some of the best times of the year because I get to wear ridiculous costumes. I re-used the damsel in distress one today (without the dynamite) and am a 1920's flapper, because I teach The Great Gatsby, so it's even relevant. And if you know my school, I know what you're thinking, "But Mrs. Cockrell! Shoulders are against dress code!" Don't worry, I have on a fur wrap. It's hot. I'm a little sweaty. Also, it's really hard to do anything in gloves. 

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My AP Lit kids in 4th hour had some pretty legit costumes. We have Katniss Everdeen and Violet from the Incredibles in the front, then we have a cat, Cleopatra, Daisy Buchanan (me), a nun praying over a convict, a deer, and a renaissance girl. 

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My 7th hour AP Lit had a hippie, a doe (no antlers), Daisy Buchanan, a panda, a shark, Eyore, and....well I'm not sure about that last one...but I'm sure it's something quirky that I just don't get.

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I'm not the only teacher who gets into this stuff. My friend Mrs. Moore is Mary Poppins.

I know that the focus of school is academics and learning. I believe in that, and I try to teach my kids as much as I can while I've got them. But I also think that they are going to be more inclined to learn if we let them have a little fun. If they are proud of their school then that pride will bleed into their work. Some teachers are above this kind of thing. Some teachers don't dress up during Spirit Week because they want their students to see them as a professional and take them seriously, and I get that. Some just don't have the time to put together a costume. I get that,too. I don't judge and I don't blame them, I'm just not part of that group. For me, it's more important for these kids to see that I'm one of them. I'm part of their school. I'm not "too cool" to dress like an idiot and they shouldn't be either. I go all out because I want them to know that's OK; that sometimes you need to do things just because they're fun and for no other reason. There's plenty of bad crap in life so you have to grab at the fun things whenever you can. 

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